Petite with Curves, is handmade High Fashion Crochet Clothing, and Sparkling accessories. And we are about to step into your weekly schedule as a hot topic. In my world there is only creativity and journeys!!!

On this next journey through blogging I will share my ideas, sketches and many designs, leaving the finished product up to you to find on my webpage. Every design I sketch is not always crafted or made but I have done my best in bringing my creations to life.

This Fall/Winter my designs will be walking the runway as there first debut to the world. So when you subscribe you will get a peek at some of the styles I have prepared for this special day.

When you see clothing you think your average cotton materials and silks, but what if we wore silk threads in summer and beautiful wools in fall and winter. Crocheting is more than blankets, hats and scarves! Its not all about a little needle either; there is a skill in buying the right type of yarn to suite your ambition when it comes to being a designer.

So expect to see a Newsletter every Wednesday on up coming events, garments, so you can see my creations bloom before your eyes.


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