P.W.C. Is Walking The Runway!!!!

Dress It Up Or Dress It Down ...Crochet Fashion!!!!
Dress It Up Or Dress It Down …Crochet Fashion!!!!

 Petite With Curves Is Walking The Runway!!!!

Today will be a pain for me being as though I have only 3 days until this upcoming event. I am ready to debut my items, and I am super excited to be attending such an amazing event. The pieces I have chosen for this show were selected because of the warm texture and yarn used to create them. “Lion Brand” and “Caron” yarns are my favorite two yarns to use.

Fall/Winter Leggings

Each piece was created to look fabulous yet comfortable during the Fall/Winter months. I am so happy to be working with “Wonderfully Made For You” yet again! They have given me an opportunity to share my gift with the world. So, This Saturday, Petite With Curves, will be “Walking the Runway”.  For every petite women looking to stand out thus season I ask that you visit my site and be entertained by each one of a kind peace. If you haven’t purchased your tickets you can contact me or one of the numbers on the flyer!!! Thank you for your support!!!

Fall/Winter Joggers

Everyone has a dream or a goal to pursue, and my goal is to make you feel as beautiful as you are. Petite With Curves, is designed for you to be able to wear a plain t-shirt with a pair of colorful leggings and shorts all year around. There is no limit in creativity. If you see it most likely I can make it or won’t hesitate to try. My ability to create has come along way.

I feel so blessed to have this opportunities and more have already presented themselves…so you will be seeing more of me!!!!


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