Excuse My Percrastination…

What A Show…

I am so happy to have had the opportunity to experience November 7ths, “Sip and Show”. I feel beyond accomplished and can now put a check mark in my book. This debut showed me that if you put your all into something that you can achieve anything.

I must admit that crocheting is a skill that I can only thank my aunt for teaching me at the age of 9 or 10. To be able to look at a garment in a magazine and create unique pieces such as: joggers, leggings, gloves and so forth, is a gift. There is nothing more unique than turning your hobby into a business.

Practice make everything perfect!!! Years ago I would have not seen myself in this career but I love what I do and by Faith, the grace of God and being Humble I have learned that success comes with Patience!!!! If you seek something not rushing to the edge so quickly will teach you to enjoy your walk.

This show was amazing and the girls fit the clothes to a “T”. I am proud of my work and I cannot wait until I do a show of my own because I guarantee it will be fabulous let alone original. With patience and creativity I will grow!!!!20151105_191535.jpg

Being a blogger is new to me, and although its something I love to do on my own time, writing for my business seems to be difficult. As weeks have passed I have most definantly been too busy to blog. This has been an outstanding year for me as far as opportunities and orders. I’m almost overwhelmed!

So many of my dreams are coming true percrastinating is no longer an option!!

This last month of the year, to show my appreciation to everyone, I’ve decided to have a month long Sale!!! This journey has been such an obstacle, running your own business is no walk in the park, but it is so worth it. You meet so many creative and strong individuals making there dreams reality, it inspires you to never look back. It inspires you to never give up on what your moving towards.

In life a lot of people fight their way to the top…But I refuse to fight I’m too classy for that…I’m being invited into this world for the better…So I’ve excepted my invitation and I’m trying to be in everything possible!!!!



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