The Crochet Addict

I’ve Jump Started 2017 with a Sale and New Services!!! Can’t get any better than that. In this New Year I have decided to become more than just a Crochet Designer, but also a Crochet Coach. Just like any other business you are always looking for helpful tips and tricks within your niche.

As of this year, I will be hosting virtual Crochet Classes as well as preparing for my first beginner classes here in my home for local family and friends. Here I will be introducing women and children of any age group to learn a new craft from the basics. If you or someone you know is interested in the art of crochet, then contact me right away so that you can secure your slot.

Every week I will do my best in bringing you closer to local small businesses as well as businesses who are not that far from reach such as: New York, Virginia, Delaware and so forth. I don’t see why we can’t all do a little networking with the people we are connecting with everyday.

I am a crochet addict and everything I do is based around my main goals of my business. If helping you will  bring me closer to my dream boutique or university teachings then this is the road that I will continue on. Why give up when you are almost exactly where you want to be.


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