The Basics

If you have just viewed my “How To Crochet Part 1” tutorial this will help with the visual aspect of things!!

Here are a few photos and abbreviations to go along with what you may or may not know!!!


Here Are Your Supplies

*Crochet Needles


*Tapestry Needle


In each tutorial you will always need these things handy!


20161230_220235Single Crochet

20161230_220444Half Double Crochet

20161230_220636Double Crochet

These are your basic crochet stitches. To learn these stitches please convert back to the YouTube tutorial on how to crochet part 1, part 2 and part 3! The link for this tutorial will be provided at the bottom of this blog.

crochet-abbrHere are the basic crochet abbreviations, these can be extremely helpful when reading a written pattern.


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