Dedication is something a few or many of us lack. We don’t know what we really want out of life, so we don’t really know what to dedicate our lives to. Most of us struggle for the well being of our children, to make sure they have all they Need & Want!!! Do you know what you want out of life???

My passion has always been to write short stories and of course fashion design was always just a hobby. One day while pregnant with my oldest daughter I turned my creativity into something more than just someone else’s pattern. I had fell in love with YouTube as well as “Crochet Pattern Central” which is a site where you can find a written pattern on just about anything. This hobby had turned into sketches, which turned into outfits and full designs.

There is a fire inside of us that burns and desires to stand out. Have you gone after all that you desire? And if you haven’t what is holding you back? Where is your determination? Are you Ambitious?

The best advice I can give is never give up. Create the things inside of you that you desire. The things in which make your dreams reality. Never let anyone tell you what you can and cannot do,  you never know where they stopped. You never know if there is something in them that they lost and couldn’t gain again. Don’t let their unenthusiastic demeanor hinder your path.

Years ago I started drawing but practice made things close enough to perfect for me. All it takes is a few scraps of paper and a dream!!!


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