My vision becomes clearer by the day! I am exhausted from nurturing 3 children but I continue to wake up every morning. I have been able to fight sleep for hours upon end pacing my floor scribbling ideas. There is no such thing as sleep when the light is so close.

Can you see what’s at the end of your tunnel?? Can you taste success as you walk towards it?? I chose not to run, I don’t want to miss anything in the process. Some days I slack, I’ve missed two weeks of blogging. There are days when I want to let go but not to fail, to breath and figure out what’s next.

I will always Grind,there isn’t anything holding me back from teaching others the lessons I’ve learned in life. Decisions can be very difficult to make especially when the plan isn’t in order.


Never give in to the ones standing on the outside looking in, don’t quench their thirst. Continue to bless them with your gifts.My struggle is real but I will always find away to continue on with my Grind!!! What keeps me going is my ambition and passion for doing what I love. There is nothing standing in my way even when I do take a break i pick up where I left off. Stop letting other peoples opinions dictate what you are creating.

Being a mother of twins has taken a tole on me mentally and physically, but I Grind always!!!

This year I plan to stand out, my plan is to take my business to the next level and Grind until there is nowhere else to climb. 

With that being said, I hope you have been on your Grind all day, because I have. I have so many new things to bring to the table this year!!! Have a blessed Friday!!!



One thought on “#GrindAlways

  1. You are such an inspiration to me, so young. So determined! You are blogging, I love it. Keep up the good work, hard work does pay off. I stepped out on faith a long time ago and every year God surprises me and show me He’s with me. With God with you the grind just get easier and easier!


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