Have you organized your month? Have you dotted all of your “I’s” and crossed every “T”? Its it crazy how you can organize and pencil in everything for a month, and still feel as if it is not enough time in a day?

what have you acheived so far this month? Have you fallen apart yet? What goals have you already set in play for the following months to come? Do you even know what to expect  in the up coming months? 

I can honestly say that my schedule fills up as the days go by. Somethings are set in stone but others are so wishy washy, its so crazy!!! If you haven’t already seen my announcement, I am bringing a plus size line to “Petite With Curves” which has me wondering if this new fasination should have its own logo. If there should be a special even to present it, or should I just introduce each piece for a week! I know for a fact that I will be doing a photoshoot. There is nothing like having actual curvy thick women in your attire. 

Everyday new ideas are filling up on paper and in my scrap book, are you as excited as I am? 

What in your business makes you keep moving, as many may ask and say, what is your “why?” 

I am an outstanding mother and I do this to not only show my children but others looking in that when  you are inspired to go after your dreams, there is no stopping you. When I was younger all I ever wanted to do was write, and as I blog all I do is find new ways to introduce yet another project into the world. I know that my first trial run last year publishing my poems, there were a few errors. This year I want more than just poetry, its time for me to show off my real skills and publish my novel. 

Dreams and goals are set apart for a reason. Dreams are not reality until you set goals to achieve them coming into full play. They are set apart from standard everyday life opportunities like us working at a desk. Your dreams are your purpose in life if you except it for what it is. Sometimes it takes time to achieve these things which is perfectly fine, the object is to never give up or give in to the negative. Go after what you  know you are capable of acheiving. Go after that thing that lights your fire and keeps you happy no matter what. 

Over the years so many things set me apart from what I really wanted out of life. As I got older and learned to put things in a better perspective, things became easier. I learned to distance myself from poeple who didn’t have good intentions. People who were just there to point and stare wishing I would fail. There will alwayd be toxic waters around you, but learn to swim as early as possible. 


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