I’ve become so disappointed in myself as I got older. Then I ask myself what was the highlight of my past? What was I driven by? I wrote all of the time, so much that if I just flipped through some of the pages I swear there is a  book there just waiting to be put together. 

Everyday I would write parts of my story, type parts that were written, and poetry flowed from my fingers like spring water. Metaphors were my best friend and at the end of the day no one could tell me that I wasn’t good with a pen and paper. Now a days, I can’t tell if I am jealous or what, but I am connected with so many successful writers who publish books yearly and are successful…Why can’t I be like them?

I do not hate on anyone else’s success, I am proud of them for even learning the ropes. In the back of my mind I wonder why I gave up…How did I give in to all the evil stares and the hatred that grew towards me in the years. There were people who waited a long while just for me to publish a book of poetry, and people who are still waiting for sequels to stories they’ve read in high school. 

You have to be passionate about your work. Never doubt yourself, and pursue what your meant to do. Make a vision board, go to poetry slams, and venues to show off your art whatever your art may be. Keep your head up above all other things. Dedicate yourself to what you love. If you are passionate about something don’t let others hatred dictate that. 

Although I know that one day my passion for writing will come back to me, right now I am dedicated to my passion to create handmade designs. When I was younger I used to draw a lot maybe the designs have faded and do not remember them, but the desire remains. The passion to be creative will never fade. I am my fathers third child, and I hustle in so many different areas. 

I grind as hard as I can to provide a stable home for my girls, and at this point in my life as I build my empire… Providing for them is all that matters!!!


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